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Junk Removal Quick & Easy

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal Services For Residential and Commercial Clients.

Whether You Need To Remove A Single Piece Of Furniture Or Clear Out An Entire Property, Our Experienced Professionals Can Handle The Job.


Items We Take


  • Appliances (refrigerators, washing machines,dryers, stoves, microwaves)

  • Artwork (paintings, sculptures, posters, tapestries, photographs)

  • Auto parts (tires, batteries, engines, bumpers, radiators, transmissions)

  • Air conditioners

  • Attic Clean-Out

  • Antiques


  • Bicycles

  • Books and magazines

  • Building materials (lumber, bricks, roofing materials, drywall, plumbing, electrical,)

  • Boxes and packing materials

  • Beds and Bed Frames

  • Bathroom fixtures (e.g. sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower doors, etc.)

  • Barbecue grills

  • Basketball hoops

  • Building demolition debris


  • Carpet and rugs

  • Clothing and textiles

  • Computers and electronic waste (e-waste)

  • Construction debris (e.g. wood, concrete, steel, asphalt, etc.)

  • Couches

  • Cabinets

  • Christmas trees and decorations

  • Countertops

  • Car batteries


  • Desks

  • Doors (e.g. interior, exterior, garage, sliding, etc.)

  • Drywall

  • Decks and patios

  • Dishwashers

  • Dressers and wardrobes


  • Exercise equipment (e.g. treadmills, weights, exercise bikes, etc.)

  • Electronics (e.g. computers, TVs, printers, fax machines, etc.)

  • Electrical wiring and fixtures

  • Entertainment centers


  • Furniture (e.g. sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets, etc.)

  • Flooring (e.g. tiles, hardwood, carpet, laminate, etc.)

  • Futons

  • File cabinets


  • Garage cleanouts

  • Garden equipment (e.g. lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, shovels, etc.)

  • Grills and outdoor cooking equipment

  • Glass and mirrors

Couch Removal
Large Item Removal
Bulk Pickups
House Cleanouts


  • Hot tubs and spas

  • Home renovation debris

  • Household items

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

  • Hoarding cleanup

  • Hospital equipment (e.g. beds, IV poles, wheelchairs, etc.)

  • Halloween decorations

  • Hand tools (e.g. hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.)


  • Insulation materials

  • Industrial machinery and equipment

  • Inflatables (e.g. bounce houses, pool, etc.)

  • Ice machines

  • Interior decorations

  • Ironing Boards


  • Junk cars and trucks

  • Jacuzzi tubs

  • Jukeboxes

  • Jars and bottles

  • Jungle gyms

  • Juggling balls


  • Kitchen appliances (e.g. refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc.)

  • Kayaks

  • Keyboards and pianos

  • Kids' toys and games

  • Knickknacks

  • Kitchen and bath cabinets

  • Kettles and pots


  • Lawn equipment (e.g. mowers, trimmers, blowers, etc.)

  • Lumber and wood scraps

  • Lighting fixtures (e.g. chandeliers, lamps, sconces, etc.)

  • Luggage and suitcases

  • Lawn chairs and tables

  • Laundry machines

  • Leather chairs

  • Laptops and tablets


  • Mattresses and box springs

  • Motorcycles and mopeds

  • Musical instruments

  • Mailboxes

  • Magazines and newspapers

  • Metal scrap and recycling

  • Massage chairs and tables


  • Newspapers and magazines

  • Nightstands

  • Non-working appliances and Tv's


  • Office furniture (e.g. desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc.)

  • Old electronics (e.g. computers, printers, monitors, etc.)

  • Outdoor furniture (e.g. patio sets, umbrellas, etc.)

  • Ovens and stoves

  • Ornaments (e.g. figurines, decorations, etc.)


  • Pianos and keyboards

  • Patio furniture and umbrellas

  • Pool tables and accessories

  • Paint cans and buckets

  • Power tools (e.g. drills, saws, sanders, etc.)

  • Plumbing fixtures (e.g. sinks, toilets, faucets, etc.)

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Playground equipment

  • Plants 

  • Ping-pong tables


  • Quilts and blankets


  • Refrigerators and freezers

  • Rugs and carpets

  • Radios and stereos

  • Restaurant equipment

  • Riding lawn mowers

  • Roofing materials (e.g. shingles, tiles, etc.)

  • Record players and vinyl records

  • Retail displays

  • Rakes and shovels

  • Recliners


  • Sofas and couches

  • Swimming pool equipment and supplies

  • Sports equipment (e.g. balls, bats, helmets, etc.)

  • Speakers and sound systems

  • Storage units and sheds

  • Scrap metal

  • Skateboards and rollerblades

  • Sewing machines and supplies

  • Satellite dishes

  • Swing sets


  • Televisions and DVD players

  • Tires and rims

  • Tools and toolboxes

  • Toys and games

  • Trash cans and recycling bins

  • Tables and chairs

  • Treadmills and other gym equipment

  • Tents and camping gear

  • Trees and branches

  • Trampolines

  • TV's


  • Upholstered furniture

  • Unicycles

  • Utility trailers

  • Upright pianos

  • Used books and textbooks


  • Vacuum cleaners

  • Vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, vans, etc.)

  • Video game consoles and accessories

  • Vases and pottery

  • Vinyl siding

  • VHS tapes and players

  • Vanity cabinets and sinks


  • Washing machines and dry

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