Questions & Answers

Question: Can you remove old pianos ?

Answer: Yes! We deploy a crew of 3-4 for large items to ensure a safe and smooth removal process. (Avg. Price $250)

Question: Do you handle pre-sale Clean Outs ?

Answer: Yes we will prepare your home for sale or pre move by disposing of the unusable/no longer wanted items.

Question: How much does it cost to clean out a house ? 

Answer: The cost to clean out an average sized (2-3) bedroom home can range from $450-$900

Question: I'm selling my home and I need it empty for the closing, can you help ?

Answer: The Junk That Now crew members will prepare your home for closing ensuring it is properly emptied and left "Broom Clean" ready to presented to the new owner!

Question: Do you dispose of old mattresses ? 

Answer:  JTN will pickup and dispose (or recycle ) your old bed / mattress. The average cost of bed / mattress removal is $75-120.

Question: Do you handle Estate Clean Outs ?

Answer: Yes! We specialize in all aspects of Estate Clean Outs including sorting all important documents, sentimental belongings, etc. before disposing of the remaining "Junk".

Question: How do I empty my storage unit ? 

Answer: Junk That Now staff a will arrange with you and the storage office for access to the unit. Then our crew will remove all requested items leaving the unit clean and ready to close out. 

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Question: How much does it cost to remove a couch ?

Answer: The cost to remove a small couch is $75, the cost to to remove a large sectional ranges from $125-$150

Question: How do i get rid of my old furniture ?

Answer: Junk That Now will remove and responsibly dispose of your old or unwanted furniture. Book an appointment or call 201-528-5888 for any questions.